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This device is to protect the upper incisors from the laryngoscope or oesophagoscope. It is:

  • applicable to any patient - will conform to a very wide range of jaws
  • stable in use because it accommodates to teeth, gums and palate
  • safe in use, featuring a ribbon to secure to patient's clothing
  • convenient in use, since its design minimizes obstruction to instruments and presents smooth, free-running surfaces to those which come into contact with it
  • re-usable and will withstand repeated autoclaving
  • durable enough to endure many operations, this robust material is especially concentrated into a thicker section across the destructive incisors

We acknowledge with gratitude the generous help we received in the development of this device from: Mr. J. Conrad, FRCS, Truro, UK.

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O/Code Description Qty
D.1 BB/1 Bite Buffer 20
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