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To all our Distributors 

Please be aware that there is a phishing email circulating at the moment, it looks quite legitimate but it does not originate from Exmoor Plastics Ltd. 

Please see the example below; 


“Please be inform we are going through auditing of all our unpaid invoices with our auditors. could you Kindly send us a copies of any unpaid invoices that are due for settlement. 

Let us know when you will be ready to remit payment for the outstanding Invoices, so that you can be provided with our latest payment instruction to process payment, as our main account is under-going audit and will not be able to receive funds at the moment 

Thank you in anticipation for your reply.” 


Do not respond to these emails, to stop further emails being received it is advisable to block the sender. 

If you have any queries please contact us via our normal channels.

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