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Aural Specula

Round or oval bevelled tipped - various sizes
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Bite Buffer

This device is to protect the upper incisors from the laryngoscope or oesophagoscope.
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Cream Ointment Syringe

Specifically designed to deliver cream ointment to the external ear canal without risk of trauma.
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Shaan's Model

Shaan's Model comes with DVD instructions to show (or remind) one of how to diagnose BPPV - and how to treat it. What's more, it includes a head-set to represent the semi-circular canals on the outside of the patient's head.
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Single-Use Suction Clearance Kits

Especially developed for the most commonly performed ENT surgical procedure: suction clearance of the external ear canal.
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Single-Use OPD Instruments

All Exmoor single-use out-patient department instruments are manufactured in one factory, which enables the company to impose the highest quality assurance procedures, including in-process controls, over their characteristics, minimising the risks of mis-match.
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