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Aural Specula

Round or oval bevelled tipped - various sizes
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Aural Ventilation Tubes

For over forty years, 'Exmoor' aural ventilation tubes have been used around the world. Today, they are routinely used in many famous teaching hospitals - and some fifty countries.
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Bone Pate Collector

The new Moffat-Robinson Bone Paté Collector is easy to use. It can collect any quantity of bone dust, up to a volume sufficient to obliterate an open mastoid cavity.
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Cream Ointment Syringe

Specifically designed to deliver cream ointment to the external ear canal without risk of trauma.
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Shah Packing Strips

Packing Strips are membrane-thin and are designed for use in the packing of the ear canal, following surgery.
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Shah Silicone Discs

This fenestrated, membrane-thin device is designed to splint the tympanum, following tympanoplasty or myringoplasty.
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Silicone Rubber Sheeting

A comprehensive range of materials for short-term or permanent implantation in the ear, nose or throat, supplied sterile and ready for use.
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Stapes Prostheses

These popular stapes prostheses are fabricated in p.t.f.e. The smaller pattern may be located in a 0.8mm stapedotomy, covered with a vein graft, into which the 0.4mm diameter shaft nestles securely.
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Single-Use Myringotomy Kits

Myringotomy - Minimise the cost..... Maximise the convenience.
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Single-Use Suction Equipment

An instrument system, pioneered by Exmoor Plastics, for use in the ENT/ORL discipline, in which the suction tube hand-pieces combine with a range of sucker end instruments, to facilitate, and speed up, many different procedures.
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