over forty years of giving expression to the ideas of ENT/ORL clinicians

For over forty years Exmoor has been giving expression to the ideas of ENT/ORL clinicians.

In recent years, Exmoor has developed devices for other disciplines and now manufactures highly innovative products for colposcopy, anaesthetics and pathology/histology/cytology. New devices are being constantly developed, devices being selected, particularly, where Exmoor can deliver innovation and improved value to design.

Here are some of our recent projects:


  • Epidrum


    Epidrum is an optimal, constant, low pressure LOR device for use in epidural anaesthesia procedures. It gives a positive visual signal that the needle has penetrated the epidural space. Epidrum has been subjected to scientifically rigorous investigations, which provide clear clinical and statistical evidence of its superiority to existing epidural anaesthesia techniques ...... Read More
  • CytoFoam Core & Disks

    CytoFoam Core & Disks

    Innovative patented technology for collecting FNA cytology cell-blocks, making immunohistochemistry and molecular investigations simply better ...... Read More
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Do you have an idea for a new, innovative medical device? For over forty years Exmoor have been giving expression to the ideas of ENT/ORL clinicians.
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