over 285 order codes, addressing otology, rhinology, laryngology and sinus surgery


A comprehensive range of materials for short-term or permanent implantation in the ear, nose or throat, supplied sterile and ready for use.

Important: only those products, which are declared as 'implantable', may be placed in the body for periods exceeding twenty-nine (29) days.

Silicone Rubber Sheet

O/Code Feature Material Colour A B C
SRS.1 Implantable SR Clear 40 35 0.125
SRS.1a(29) 29 days SR Blue 40 35 0.125
SRS.5a(29) 29 days SR Blue 95 65 0.55
SRS.2a(29) 29 days SR Blue 95 65 0.85
SRS.3a(29) 29 days SR Blue 95 65 1.25
SRS.4a(29) 29 days SR Blue 95 65 1.75
A: Length mm B: Width mm C: Thickness mm

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Unrestricted Use (Implantable - Clear)

O/Code Description Qty
SRS.1 0.125mm x 40mm x 35mm 20

Restricted Use (29 Days - Blue)

O/Code Description Qty
SRS.1a(29) 0.125mm x 40mm x 35mm 20
SRS.5a(29) 0.55mm x 65mm x 95mm 5
SRS.2a(29) 0.85mm x 65mm x 95mm 5
SRS.3a(29) 1.25mm x 65mm x 95mm 5
SRS.4a(29) 1.75mm x 65mm x 95mm 5
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